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Episode One: Spookshow

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re off! Tune in to our first episode published August 13th where you can listen to Emma Strange and Charlie Ripley talk about their first encounters with the paranormal. They also discuss nine different locations in Oregon that are heavy with history and strange activity. You can check out links and photos to some of the locations discussed in this week’s episode below:

The Hanging Grounds (Original Post) 
If there were any site in Salem that should be haunted, it’s the location on lower Church Street that served as the town’s hanging ground in the early years. At least four executions were carried out there on the bank of Mill Creek dated, 1851,1859, and two in 1865.

The first was a result of questionable justice and could well have prompted a haunting but, as no residence currently occupies the property, we can never know if the ghost of William Kendall still roams the premises. At present, this is the site of a covered parking lot for the SAIF Building; should there be any strange activities reported after dark in the parking structure, it could be a ghostly Kendall still trying to capture someone’s attention and protest his innocence. With all the State and Federal institutions located in Salem – – the Penitentiary, Insane Asylum, Blind, Deaf and Mute Schools, Chemawa Indian School, Feeble-minded Institute, and Reform Schools – – it’s hardly surprising that some of their former deceased residents might still be hanging around to send a tingle up someone’s spine. It’s understandable, as well, that current officials of those facilities would be reticent about verifying reports of haunting, but former employees are less inhibited in their accounts of supernatural happenings occurring in the various institutions.

Lafayette Cemetery 

Locals say a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch haunts Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. Her apparition has been seen standing or walking through the graveyard. Some have heard her laughing, and one person claims to have caught her voice on tape saying “Run Home!” Others say they have been chased out of the cemetery, and found deep cuts all over their backs afterward. You can check out one of the legends we mentioned in the podcast that details the Lafayette Gypsy Curse here


Tillamook Lighthouse

Original content can be found here and  here

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, was also known as Terrible Tilly. It was built on a rock 1.2 miles off of Cannon Beach in the tempestuous Pacific to give sailors a guiding light around Tillamook Head. She was fated to see many deaths and drive men mad. It all started in 1879 when surveyor John Trewavas, set foot on the rock to inspect it for the lighthouse and was instantly swept out to sea, the first victim of Terrible Tilly.

Many others perished during her construction, and just weeks before the lighthouse was lit, a ship called the Lupatia sank near there, and 16 bodies of the crew washed up on the rock. Soon after that, lighthouse keepers reported hearing low bone chilling moans in the stairwell to the lantern. It quickly earned a notorious reputation of being a haunted and dreadful place to be where lightkeepers would go mad from the months marooned out there.